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Self Mastery

Purpose and values

In this section:

What’s my purpose?

In our research HR practitioners told us it was important to have clarity of vision about what they were there to do. This page helps you to get clear about your purpose.

Alignment with work values

We are only truly committed when our values are aligned with our role. This template gives you a way of checking how well your values are aligned with the different roles that you play.

The congruency check

Have you ever felt like you were not truly committed to a task or project but weren’t sure why? Use this process to check a how congruent a plan or project is for you.

Your own values

This activity looks at the values that were most widely held by the HR practitioners in our research (in this case HR professionals). Part one of this activity considers which of these values you hold whilst part two looks at those you may not and how you can reframe your criteria to adopt them authentically.

Reframing conflicting values

This page gives an alternative way to reframe values.

Identity matrix for self concept

The ‘identity matrix’ is a means of identifying a cross section of core beliefs about ourselves which influence the way we view and express ourselves.