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Tool: Stakeholder engagement

Typical use (type of issue/project)

To help you demonstrate to your key customer/client, that your workforce planning scenarios are important to take forward.

Ease of use rating

Used by

Yourself as an HR professional, with your key customers/clients.

Tips for effective use

Ensure you use business language the customer/client is familiar with, instead of HR 'jargon'.

Signals of successful use

Your customer/client supports the initiatives you have identified as important, and agrees that the potential factors you have identified are the right ones.

Signals of unsuccessful use

Failing to get time in your customer/client's diary to take them through your plans.

Links to other tools

Current workforce profile, People priorities, Situation event planning, Creating competitor profile, Future view.

Stakeholder engagement

Step 1:

Consider the process you went through to create your workforce planning plans.

  1. Where we are
  2. Where we are going
  3. The people implications arising from the business strategy - identification of initiatives, resource requirements and timescales
  4. Macro scenarios that are likely to have an impact on the business in the future - with plans in place to remedy these
  5. Micro level scenarios that require planning in the future
  6. Consolidated future scenarios requiring consideration and plans to manage them

Step 2:

Click here for a template in PDF or Word format for you to complete with the key findings you have identified at each stage of the workforce planning process and how they have contributed to your ‘future view’.

Click here for an example of a completed stakeholder engagement tool.