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Tool: Preparation for the feedback meeting

Typical use (type of issue/project)

In the planning stage before a feedback meeting takes place. This tool can be used to prepare for any type of feedback meeting.

Ease of use rating

Used by

Yourself and your team.

Tips for effective use

Clearly think through all the important issues concerning the meeting’s topic. Be sure to dedicate an adequate amount of thought and time to answering each question.

Signals of successful use

Believing you are prepared for the feedback meeting. This would entail feeling like you have clarified what kind of feedback you want to give, who you want to give it to, and what type of feedback you expect in return.

Signals of unsuccessful use

Being unprepared for the meeting, having the necessary people absent from the meeting, and realising that the issues that needed to be discussed were not.

Links to other tools

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Preparation for the feedback meeting

  1. What is your goal for the meeting?
  • Understanding?
  • Agreement?
  • Action?
  • Further work?
  1. Are there any pre meeting discussions you need to have? With whom? Does this cause you any ethical issues?
  2. What is the timing for the meeting? What percentage of time do you need for feedback verses discussion?
  3. How do you deliver the feedback in a neutral, objective manner?
  4. Are all the key stakeholders at the meeting? How will you cover any who are not present?
  5. For each stakeholder, put yourself in their shoes and anticipate their reaction to the feedback. How will you prepare for each person’s reaction? What group dynamics may be present? How will you prepare for this? What form is any resistance or defensiveness likely to take?
  6. What questions can you ask to get any resistance expressed in the meeting?
  7. What state do you need to be in to carry out the meeting successfully. How will you achieve this state?
  8. What feedback do you want and in what form?