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Self Mastery

What the research tells us

Self belief

The HR professionals we interviewed believed deeply in the function and its value to the strategic agenda of the business. They saw themselves as equal partners with the business managers in driving success through the people agenda. They consistently defined their purpose in terms of their contribution to strategy and business performance.

Beyond these deeply supportive beliefs about the importance of what they do, the best HR people also had profound confidence in their own skills and their ability to use them to make the right things happen in the business.

Sample quotes on self belief

  • ‘My values guide my decisions in the context of the culture and business goals’
  • ‘I have a strong internal compass that guides my actions’
  • ‘I believe that HR makes as much difference to the success of the business as any function’
  • ‘I believe I have the skills and knowledge to make a difference in the business’
  • ‘I believe I am equal to others in the management team’
  • ‘It is impossible to convince the client of something you don’t believe in’
High performing HR professionals believe in HR and they believe in themselves.