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Information Broker

Tool: Business case

Typical use (type of issue/project)

To ensure a comprehensive understanding of the implications of new potential projects, products, or service offerings before making investment/funding decisions.

Ease of use rating

Used by

Yourself and your team or business unit.

Tips for effective use

Involve additional stakeholders in the organisation as necessary to ensure a complete understanding of each dimension and customise the language to fit the type of project/product being evaluated.

Signals of successful use

When future resources such as money or effort are consumed, they are in support of the business.

Signals of unsuccessful use

At various stages in the project the business case is not reviewed and the project fails to deliver to business need.

Links to other tools

Nominal group technique, Brainstorming, Connecting initiatives to business outcomes, and Prioritising tasks and initiatives.


Business case

Date of assessment: Business unit:
  1. Describe the project, product, or service offering and the production/development process.
  1. What are your R&D requirements?
  1. If any, what are the competing technologies?
  1. Where will the project, product, and/or service lead the company?
  1. What is proprietary about the project, product, and/or service?
  1. What quality control status and ongoing services does the project, product, and/or service require?
  1. What are the risks and regulations associated with the project, product, and/or service?
  1. What costs are associated with the development of the project, product, and/or service?
  1. What are the equipment and infrastructure requirements? Please assess requirements for quantity, life span, capital cost, financing cost, and installation cost.
  1. What changes (political, regulatory, social values, or other) will affect the need for your project, product, or service?
  1. Does the sale/use of your project, product, or service depend on the sale of another product or service?
  1. Is your project, product, or service vulnerable to substitution?