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Making a Difference

Business outcomes focus

In this section:

Connecting initiatives to business outcomes

This tool is useful in reconnecting initiatives to overall business goals. Many HR departments find that they are clear on their goals and pretty clear on their main change initiatives, but it is often hard to see where they connect with each other and even harder to detect whether business critical goals are adequately addressed.

Prioritising initiatives

When there are lots of demands from the business it can be hard to identify which projects to do, which to eliminate and which to re-focus. The following matrix provides an approach to assessing current projects with a view to stopping low value initiatives, and reassigning resources to higher value ones.

Visible measuring

One way to improve the execution of initiatives is to create visible measures of your goals, so that as many people as possible can see whether you are on track.

Working smarter – aligning to business priorities

This template is designed to encourage you to identify the 20 per cent of effort that will yield you 80 per cent of results, working smarter not harder.