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Making a Difference

Other resources

Other sections of the Orion Success Kitbag

Building brilliant client relationships – being a trusted advisor

The best HR people know their clients like they know themselves. They can also adapt their approach and style to match the client. They build deep trusting relationships. This section gives you a range of tips and tools to manage and improve your client relationships. More...

Buy-in – getting your ideas accepted

As good as your HR strategy or ideas may be, it is of little use if you cannot get your ideas accepted. This section gives you tools and techniques for getting your ideas accepted by your clients. We look at how to present information so that the client is most receptive. We also have lots of ideas for adopting a more flexible approach to influencing others. More...

Doing what’s right – being independent

Sometimes doing what is right is not easy. Challenging the client takes guts. You need to be clear about what you think and why. This section will help you to clarify where you stand. We also help you to assess the risks to determine what are the right battles to fight and how to manage your self to maintain a clear perspective. More...

Self mastery – creating high performance

We all have times when we know we are working at our peak. Being able to work like that more often is the secret of high performance and long term success. In this section we help you assess when you are at your best and give you lots of techniques for achieving this more often. More...

Creating success in others

Being an effective manager can be difficult when trying also to ensure excellence in what you do yourself.  In this section we look at your role as a leader.  We also look at how to develop others including giving someone feedback. In addition we explore different leadership styles.  Finally, winning hearts and minds of your team as well as the wider business, can be key to success.  We look at how to engage others. More...

Reading and websites – lots of case studies about customer service and customer focused companies – The Harvard Business Review – McKinsey Quarterly Newsletter – Business news and articles for business executives and the people who influence them – Business strategy and thought leadership – Has a newsletter dedicated to intuition in business – Applies the methods used by Einstein to innovation – Games and puzzles for the joy of thinking that work on both sides of your brain and develop both abstract spatial logic and intuitive/aesthetic sensibilities – A very large and comprehensive site dedicated to all aspects of Systems Thinking

Business and HR strategy

Thinkers on strategy

Read any of the recent works by Gary Hamel, Michael Porter, C K Prahalad

Customer specific marketing

The new power in retention by Brian P Woolf

Good to great – why some companies make the lead and others don’t

by Jim Collins or article in Fast Company September 2002 summarises the book

Built to last

Successful habits of visionary companies by James Collins and Jerry Porras

The tipping point

How little things can make a big difference by Malcolm Gladwell

Strategic HR management

A guide to action by Michael Armstrong

The HR value proposition

by Ulrich and Brockbank

Delivering results

by David Ulrich

HR scorecard

Linking people, strategy and performance by Ulrich, Becks and Huselid

HR management

Corporate rhetoric and human reality by Lynda Gratton

Aligning HR and business strategy

by Linda Holbech

How to measure HR management

by Jac Fitz-Enz

Using your mind including intuition/the unconscious mind

How to think

Building your mental muscle by Stephen Reid

Head strong

by Tony Buzan

Head first

by Tony Buzan

The art of systems thinking

by Ian McDermott and Joseph O’Connor

The fifth discipline and the fifth discipline fieldbook

by Peter Senge, the sections on Systems Thinking

The mind gym

by Mind Gym

Intuition workout

by Nancy Rosanoff

Intuition workbook

by Dr Marcia Emery


The power of thinking without thinking by Malcolm Gladwell

Strangers to ourselves

by Timothy Wilson

The power of intuition

by Gary Klein

A mind of its own

How your brain distorts and deceives by Cordella Fine

On intelligence

by Jeff Hawkins


A kick in the seat of the pants

by R von Oech

A whack on the side of the head

by R von Oech (also produces the Creative whack pack cards)

The creative manager

by Beans and Russell

The mind map book

by Tony Buzan

Business beyond the box

Applying your mind to breakthrough results by John O’Keefe

Tools for dreamers

Strategies for creativity and the structure of innovation by Robert B Dilts, Todd Epstein, Robert W Dilts

Strategies of genius

by Robert Dilts


NLP, the new technology of achievement

by Steve Andreas and Charles Faulkner


Financial intelligence for HR professional – what you really need to know about the numbers

by Karen Berman and Joe Knight