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Creating Success in Others

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Being an effective manager can be difficult when trying also to ensure excellence in what you do yourself.  In this section we look at your role as a leader.  We also look at how to develop others including giving someone feedback. In addition we explore different leadership styles.  Finally, winning hearts and minds of your team as well as the wider business, can be key to success.  We look at how to engage others.

What the research tells us

Our research tells us that the most successful HR people are able to help lead others to success as well as achieve their own individual excellence. They set clear expectations with their team or others they work closely with and develop them to be able to hit and exceed those goals. They are able to deliver both positive and developmental feedback in a constructive manner and drive performance through engagement.


Your role as a leader

In this section we look at your role as a leader and how to set goals from both a personal perspective and a team perspective.

  • Employee engagement


  • Building your team


  • Establishing standards

Setting expectations enables and encourages your team to achieve excellence.


  • Delegation

Some people find delegating work to others very difficult. This exercise considers why this might be the case and how to ensure that you are delegating work effectively.


  • The GROAN™ model

Setting goals effectively is key to success both from a personal perspective and a team perspective.


  • How to apply GROAN™

This exercise explains how to apply the GROAN model to your own goal-setting process.


  • Using GROAN™ with your team

Ask questions that help you identify which of the nine obstacle areas your team’s problem most naturally fits into.


Developing others

We look at how to develop others including the factors that impact on people’s motivation and how to give someone feedback in a ‘brain-friendly’ way.

  • Building a development climate

There are a number of characteristics which positively or negatively impact on an organisation’s ability to create a strong development climate.


  • People motivation

There are a number of factors which affect people’s motivation which are explored in more detail in this section.


  • Developing others

Development can take many forms and doesn’t just entail the traditional face-to-face workshop. This session explores the various development options that should be considered for your team.


  • Feedback and the brain

Receiving feedback can be a painful experience for people if it is not delivered in a brain friendly way. This section explains how to approach giving feedback to ensure the best results.


Leadership styles

Individuals have different ways of motivating their people and providing direction. These leadership styles can impact upon the level of engagement you enjoy and therefore productivity levels.

  • Different styles of leadership

Creating a productive and supportive development climate is often a challenge for leaders. Goleman’s research found that leaders who used a combination of authoritative, affiliative, coaching and democratic styles achieved the best climate.


  • Successful HR people – Orion Partners research

What are the skills, knowledge and attributes of highly successful HR leaders? What is the difference that makes the difference between the best and the rest?


Engaging your team

  • The impact of the people manager

The link between effective leadership at all levels, levels of engagement and business results is widely acknowledged.  Recent research shows that employees throughout the organisation feel more engaged when they have an inspirational leader.


  • Engaging your team and the business

When people have been through the thought process for themselves and come to their own conclusions they begin to own the change in a way they never could by simply being told what is going to happen.


Quick and easy habits

The more often you practice these skills the more you will embed them until they become a habit. This section gives you a list of quick and easy actions to do this. It includes quick and easy habits to Develop yourself, Ways to use these strengths more and ideas to Build these skills with others.

Other resources

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