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Self Mastery

Building confidence

In this section:

Acting as if

This exercise gives you experience of changing your feelings to ones that would be more useful in a given situation.

Ways to change state

We tend to see our emotional states a bit like weather systems: sometimes sunny sometimes stormy but with no control over what and when. This activity gives us a way of taking more conscious control of our state.

Success highlight films

Make a mental movie of your success highlights so you can play it to build confidence when needed.

Confident behaviours

We unconsciously adopt different levels of confidence or roles with different people or clients. Being aware of some of these signals allows us to adapt or adopt a different level of confidence.

Internal dialogue or voice

Many of us have a critical voice. We tell ourselves ‘how stupid’, ‘you will never achieve that’ or ‘you messed that up!’. We may also have a positive inner voice that helps us make decisions, evaluate risks and encourages us.

Confidence tricks!

Confidence is an emotional state you can put yourself into in ANY situation, characterised by a sense of focused ease and well-being. It will invariably enhance your performance in whatever arena you are playing in and your level of confidence will often turn out to be the difference between hearing a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ from a prospective client or boss.

Your centre

This activity is especially helpful to build confidence for delivering a presentation or public speaking.

Your authentic self

Undertake this activity to get more in touch with your authentic self.

See the finish

This is a useful visualisation activity that will help you to ‘see the finish’. Especially helpful, when things are not going as well as expected, to get them back on track, in the moment.

Keep your chin up

This activity links posture and confidence. This is a really easy, but incredibly effective, activity to build confidence.