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Creating Success in Others

What the research tells us

Business results delivery

The HR people that we interviewed shared a common focus on delivering quality business outcomes. They had fully embraced the change within their function and held themselves accountable for delivering results through others within HR. They took responsibility for influencing the corporate HR agenda to meet the needs of their clients, but also took responsibility for educating their clients about the importance of the corporate HR agenda. They were strong role models for their teams to follow.

A strong track record of delivering the right results for the business was the other factor in earning the respect and trust of the business clients.

  • Sample quotes on business results delivery...
  • ‘Deliver the whole HR function’
  • ‘My mindset is I’m accountable but not responsible for the delivery’
  • ‘Structure support to free up resource for the strategic agenda’
  • ‘Influence the corporate agenda’
  • ‘Help the line manager access the function’
  • ‘Educate the client’
  • ‘HR interventions (and products) must align with business goals and reinforce each other’
  • ‘There are many solutions to any business issue. It is important to be flexible and to find a solution that the client can buy-in to’
  • ‘Set standards and model them’
High performing people leverage the whole HR function to deliver a truly excellent service and role model behaviours for their team and peers.