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Self Mastery

The C zone - confidence, commitment and control

We have found that self belief is made up of three related areas:

  • Confidence – how we feel about the situation or task and what we perceive our likelihood of success to be.
  • Commitment – how much we want to succeed in the situation or task and how motivated we are about it.
  • Control – the degree of influence or impact we believe we can have.

The tools in this section will help you to manage your self belief and the component parts.

In this section:

The C zone

We all have days when everything we do works. Things just seem to fall into place. You are more productive with less effort and completely in tune with what you are doing. This is what we refer to when we talk about being ‘in the zone’ or ‘in flow’ (C-zone).


One of the key elements in the tough mindedness model and in characteristics of successful people is self belief. It is made up of confidence, commitment, and control, and it is the balanced combination of these three elements which helps us to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles and to deliver a high performance.

Identifying the components of self belief

This section compares two situations: one that went well and one that went less well and explores what beliefs were present that contributed to performing at your best.