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Tool: Reviewing the contracting meeting

Typical use (type of issue/project)

After you have met and agreed with a client on a course of action (also called a contracting meeting).

Ease of use rating

Used by

Yourself and a partner (preferably someone you feel comfortable with).

Tips for effective use

Use this tool as soon after the contracting meeting as possible. The results will be most effective if your answers are detailed and truthful.

Signals of successful use

Reviewing the events of the meeting and learning from it. For example reflecting how you acted in the meeting so you learn to better manage your speech and behaviours the next time you are in a similar meeting.

Signals of unsuccessful use

Misreporting the occurrences that went on in the meeting, and/or not learning from the event. This is most obvious if, after recognising your areas for improvement, you keep acting the same way.

Links to other tools

Consulting process.


Reviewing the contracting meeting

Think about a recent contracting meeting (this may not be what you called it but it was a meeting where you were agreeing a course of action with a customer).

If you work with a partner they will read out the questions and record your responses.

  1. Participation
Activity Client 100% – 50% You 100% – 50%
Balance of participation    
Who initiated    
Who controlled    
  1. What resistance or reservation did the client express?
  • How were the clients concerns or reservations expressed?
  • Silence
  • Body language, tone, and so on
  • Compliance
  • Attach
  • Questions
  • Answering the issue
  • Directly in words
  • How did you explore this?
  • What was left unsaid?
  • How would you rate the client’s motivation to proceed?
  • Have you shared this with the client?
  • Did you give support to the client? How?
  1. What reservations do you have about the contract?
  • What have you put into words with the client? What was raised indirectly?
  • What is left unsaid?
  • How would you rate your own motivation to proceed?
  1. Did you cover all the steps in the contracting ground rules? How well would you rate yourself on this?
  2. What do you need to go back and deal with for this project to be a success?
  3. What did you learn?
  • What will you do differently next time?