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Tool: Connecting initiatives to business outcomes

Typical use (type of issue/project)

To re-connect an organisation’s change initiatives to its overall business goals and to identify where initiatives should be prioritised or eliminated.

Ease of use rating

Used by

Yourself and your team.

Tips for effective use

Make sure everything you record is realistic and SMART.

Signals of successful use

Being clear on your goals and your set path to achieve them with your selected change initiatives.

Signals of unsuccessful use

Unable to connect your goals and initiatives to detect whether business critical areas are adequately addressed.

Links to other tools

SWOT, Brainstorming, Prioritising tasks and initiatives, and SMART (Coaching).

Connecting initiatives to business outcomes

Organisation goals Do well Key measures Initiatives to improve performance

For example: the HR leadership team adds value by refining strategies, prioritising and ensuring projects are completed

  • HR processes
  • Change management
  • Of customer service process
  • Cost reduction
  • Market share
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Re-engineer core processes
  • Work with retail managers



Step 1 – document goals

Start by documenting the organisation or department’s goals. Make them as clear and actionable as possible. Then identify what the organisation will need to do well in order to achieve this goal. For example, for a training department whose goal was to become more business focused one of the ‘do well’ items was to include line managers in the design working groups for new programmes. Try to limit the ‘do wells’ to a maximum of five to seven main areas.

Step 2 – determine measures

Next identify the two to three key measures against each ‘do well’. In the example above, outcome based treatment was measured through the percentage of clinical interventions that were research based.

Step 3 – map changes

Against each key measure, map existing change initiatives that are designed to improve that measure.

Take a look at the mapping

  • Is there an overload of initiatives against one area of 'do wells'?
  • Is there a gap against any key measure?

Identify steps to fill gaps, and reduce or eliminate projects in areas of overload.