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Change Agent

Tool: Track record of change

Typical use (type of issue/project)

In the planning stage of a new organisational change.

Ease of use rating

Used by

Yourself and your team.

Tips for effective use

Fill out the form with great honesty. Although it is important to pay close attention to the results that surface, remember all projects have different challenges and issues, so you must be sure to use the results as a guide.

Signals of successful use

Understanding if there is generally acceptance or resistance towards change in your organisation so you can be prepared in advance for typical behaviours you will encounter throughout the change process.

Signals of unsuccessful use

You do not complete the form and thus approach the change in a way that is not received well in your organisation.

Links to other tools

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Track record of change

  Strongly agree
Strongly disagree
  1. A number of change initiatives have been followed through
  1. People like to be involved in, and be associated with large change initiatives
  1. There is no discrepancy between what top management say they will do and their behaviour
  1. There are rewards for supporting change
  1. There are negative consequences for not implementing change
  1. At ‘crunch times’ top management back the change project not the status quo
  1. Everyone has been kept informed about our past change initiatives
  1. In the past, everyone has had input to our change initiatives
  1. Organisational politics have not been allowed to impede change or improvement
  1. It is OK to disagree or challenge ideas

Results of the exercise

  • 20 – 40 points

Your organisation has an excellent track record of change and you should continue to ensure that you monitor people’s reactions to the proposed change. There is always room for improvement so you may wish to consider if there are any areas above which have become a barrier to change and focus your attention on those during the planning stage.

  • 40 – 75 points

There have been some really positive aspects of change within your organisation but there is definitely room for improvement. Look back at the areas in the form that you disagreed with as they could give you an insight into how people may respond. You may also want to build more time into the communication of the change or provide more opportunities for engagement of key stakeholders or consultatation with those impacted

  • 75 – 100 points

Historically change may be difficult to drive through in your organisation but you are in the best possible position to ensure that this trend does not continue. By considering the aspects included in this form and using the other tools available in the Success Kitbag you can mitigate against this. By incorporating extra time into the planning phase you can build a strong case for change and ensure leadership buy-in to following through the change initiative