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Making a Difference

Thinking differently

In this section:

Thinking broadly

Managers who think strategically are able to see the big picture. When dealing with issues, they operate from a broad perspective, rather than taking a narrow view. They consider both the long and short-term implications.

Onion thinking

This is a method to help you think more openly about a problem or the factors that may influence a decision. You may also use this tool on a current situation in the business to analyse the different influences.

Analytical/intuitive approach to solving issues

This explores the impact of different approaches on our decision making and problem solving. Knowing which you tend to prefer will help you to bring more balance to your thinking.

Mind mapping

Mind maps are a very useful method of capturing all the elements that you need to take into consideration when identifying options and priorities. Here are some guidelines for creating mind maps.

Using your intuitive mind

These days, strategy is not just about analysis and rational thinking. Increasingly, the role of intuition is recognised as valid in developing strategy.


This involves proactively searching the business for potential problems and opportunities.


Charles Hampton Turner found that companies that recognised the dilemmas they faced (and solved them) outperformed those that allowed one side of their dilemma to dominate their strategy or decision making or who flip-flopped between the two sides of the dilemma.