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Making a Difference

Strategic thinking

In this section:

Developing a strategic mindset

Use this checklist to evaluate your strengths as a strategic thinker.

Enhancing your strategic thinking skills

Most strategic thinkers have a number of characteristics in common. In addition, they are skilled at different types of thinking and able to adopt different approaches as the situation demands. This page reviews these.

Strategic thinking and relationships

Part of being strategic is thinking about how your plans will impact on others. This page offers some questions to help consider the broader impact of your plans on people and relationships.

Business alignment

This questionnaire helps you to identify how well HR is linking actions to the business strategy and goals. Consider where you and your team are focused, and the level of consistency. Most people will have an area of strength. Consider whether the area of strength is the most relevant for your organisation at this time.

Strategy versus tactical

Get strategic and then stay strategic. But what does ‘strategy’ actually mean? This page gives some simple definitions and then offers two ideas of how to be strategic.

Moving to a strategic approach

One of the things that HR practitioners struggle with is moving to a strategic approach when it has been focused on administration and a more transaction service. There are number of steps you can take to signal that you are changing this practice.