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Doing What's Right

What the research tells us


Every one of the participants in our study described a willingness, or in some cases even an obligation, to have an independent point of view. Having an opinion alone, however, is not enough. Participants also consistently described the need to have the courage to express their point of view even at the risk of being unpopular. In addition they described a persistence with maintaining their position in the face of opposition.

They frequently described this ability to have and hold on to an independent opinion as one of the attributes most likely to earn the respect of their clients and enable them to build the depth of relationship required to be powerfully influential.

Sample quotes on independence

  • ‘Sometimes you have to take a risk’
  • ‘I’ve never been afraid of being fired for expressing my opinion’
  • ‘To be an objective third party who knows the business’
  • ‘Be true to yourself’
  • ‘It’s my job to raise the un-discussable’
  • ‘Be willing to be tested’
  • ‘Clients value honesty and candour’
  • ‘Holding up the mirror and challenging assumptions is critical for success’
High performing HR professionals are not ‘yes-people’!