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Project Manager

Tool: Project communication

Typical use (type of issue/project)

To create a valuable plan for communicating to various levels of stakeholders.

Ease of use rating

Used by

Yourself as the project manager, while keeping all major project stakeholders in mind.

Tips for effective use

Inform those (and only those) who need to be informed with the appropriate level of information so that it is meaningful to them.

Signals of successful use

Feeling comfortable with the level of knowledge that has disseminated to appropriate stakeholders concerning the project. Having integrated your communication plan activities into your overall project management plan with detailed activities added to your schedule.

Signals of unsuccessful use

Having to address the negative images stakeholders have of your project. This would require additional effort and costs to get the project back on track.

Links to other tools

Project management, Sponsor evaluation, and Information risk management.

Project communication

When initiating a project it is essential to address the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of project communications:

  1. Who: who are the project stakeholders that need to be informed?
  2. What: what are the various types of information you will be creating and disseminating?
  3. When: how often you will need to distribute your different forms of information?
  4. Why: what is the purpose of the information to be distributed?
  5. How: Decide on the technology or method you will use to distribute the information: e-mail, Internet, meetings, or a file directory structure on the network.
  6. Where: Where will you communicate?
Who Stakeholder description What How/where When and where Why Comments
Person 1 HR director All key milestones Project board, formal 1:1 tbc Weekly Project sponsor Fully engaged
Person 2 Head of reward All key milestones F2F catchup, canteen Fortnightly Key stakeholder Fully engaged
Person 3 Head of operations High level detail Project board, informal 1:1 tbs Monthly History of sabotaging projects Fully engaged
Person 4 IT programme manager All IT linkages Email Weekly Ownership of IT component Fully engaged