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Influencing strategies

In this section:

Pace and lead

One of the mistakes that we can make is to present an idea or new approach to a client before they are ready to receive it. Sowing seeds and monitoring when a client is ready to agree are all key influence skills.

Six influence tactics

Extensive research has identified a number of influence tactics that operate on people at a level below conscious awareness.

Frame and reframing

How we create meaning in our view of reality depends upon the way we attend to our experiences.

Language of influence

The following language patterns have been shown to gently influence people. It is essential that you are in rapport to use these patterns. It is also essential that your intentions are ethical and that you are influencing with integrity, because these patterns work at an unconscious level and your intentions will also be communicated to the other person’s unconscious.

The emotional journey of the group

Influencing a group of people requires that you position the idea to appeal to different motivational preferences and information needs.

Inspiring others

If you have a goal or vision for the function or your part of the business, you need to convince and inspire others towards achieving that goal. People who inspire use common approaches when talking about their vision.

Writing to influence

Some principles to write influentially.