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Information Broker

Information Broker

The HR professional plays several roles in the business. Different roles may be more or less important depending on the HR and business agenda. It is rare for the HR professional to spend extended periods in one role. Rather they are likely to engage in a particular role to achieve a key objective, therefore flexibility is key. Their overall focus is on achieving the business strategy and goals. They will use their local HR plan and agenda to further this together with any corporate wide strategy initiatives, tailored to their business.

This relates to your ability to use specialist knowledge and skills relating to HR, in order to meet the needs of the business. As information broker, you are the expert – it is your role to bring relevant information to the discussion and share examples of how this can be applied.  The information broker both educates and advises based on their technical expertise, ensuring knowledge and skills transfer to those they work with.


Organisation design

Workforce planning

Problem solving

Data analysis