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Building Brilliant Client Relationships

Building rapport

In this section:

Rapport building

Some people seem to be able to effortlessly win others over. Have you ever wondered how they do it?

Practice rapport building

This activity helps you to prepare for, and evaluate the depth of, rapport with a customer or colleague.

Flow listening

People who listen with care build amazing relationships.

Effective listening

This checklist evaluates your listening skills and helps to analyse how you can develop and improve them.

Matching styles and interests

This checklist will help you to prepare for a meeting with a client. It is especially helpful with new clients.

The power of being curious

If you are truly curious about your clients you will begin to know the client more deeply.

Questioning skills

Questioning is one of the foundation skills of building relationships. This page gives an introduction to basic questioning skills.

Powerful questions

A powerful question can help the client see an issue from a different perspective, help them to move on when they are stuck or gain new insight. This page describes the attributes of a powerful question and gives some example questions.

Empathy activities

Three different activities to explore how empathetic you are.