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Typical use (type of issue/project)

To help guide your client in setting a goal and planning a route to achieve it.

Ease of use rating

Used by

Yourself as the coach with your client.

Tips for effective use

Ensure the client owns the entire goal setting process. To do this the goal must be initiated by the client and be of direct relevance to them. As the coach your role is to facilitate the client, but also to stand back and empower the client.

Signals of successful use

Before the fact, having the client define their goal, and set out to accomplish it, and after the fact, having the client conquer their goal and feel a sense of accomplishment in doing so.

Signals of unsuccessful use

As the coach selecting the goal for the client, or mapping out a route for the client to accomplish the goal. An extreme lack of success would see the client abandoning the goal because it was neither of interest to them, nor within their scope.

Links to other tools

ACHIEVE, Response feedback, Coaching questions, and Start-stop-continue.



The acronym and each stage are explained below:


The goal must be clearly specified, as we are more likely to accomplish a specific goal than a general one. The coach’s role is to work with the client to answer the 5Ws:

  • What: what they want to accomplish
  • Who: who is included?
  • Where: where is the goal situated?
  • When: what is the timescale?
  • Which: which aids are needed to accomplish their goal?


The coach works with the client to establish a concise way of measuring incremental progress towards accomplishing the goal.


Once a client has identified a goal that is significant to them, the coach is there to assure that the goal is in fact achievable.


To be realistic the goal must be an objective that the client is willing to work towards. The role of the coach is to ensure the client sees the goal as attainable (as mentioned it is the client who must choose the goal and its level of difficulty).

Time bound

The coach discusses with the client the appropriate steps and timescales necessary for them to achieve their goal.